Property was fresh, relaxing and the views were superb. September 2017

Our stay at Lost Bear was a complete success, Keith was kind enough to let us film a commercial on site. Our clients feel in Love with the location and were very Happy with the results. The Lodge has a new clean and warm look. Our story involved a young couple out camping who get caught in a rain storm. They drive and come upon Lost Bear; windows glowing in the dark of night, they pull up and check in. Once in their room they dry off, make a tent from the comforter on the bed and romantically try to recreate their camping experience.

Some of the crew stayed overnight as we filmed into the early hours of the morning. Everyone enjoyed their rooms and woke up to a pancake breakfast.

I would recommend Lost Bear to all, it's certainly large enough for family and friends, is convenient to the turnpike and to those who want to explore there is much to do in the area in all seasons.

Best description for Lost Bear is Elegantly Simple, has everything you would need or want to spend time in the mountains. Great kitchen, beautiful bathrooms with a warm welcoming feeling.

Thanks Keith.   Mitchell B.